Introducing Fourier Ceramics - Art made with love and science in Malibu, CA

Welcome to Fourier Ceramics, the intersection of nature, art, and technology.

I'm David Allison, a former software engineer turned ceramic artist with a lifelong fascination for nature's inherent patterns, structure, and symmetry. It's my belief that the universe whispers its secrets through the structure of our surroundings, the divine proportions of phi in the form of a shell, the universal constants of pi and e in the whirl of a galaxy. These are not just numbers. They are the silent language of the universe, intimating their truths to us in echoes and shadows. 

My journey through coding and product design led me to see these patterns everywhere. They hide in plain sight, ready to be unveiled through an accidental discovery or intentional research. I find them compelling and inspiring. I believe that they form the unseen framework, binding us together and making every outcome a reflection of these universal truths.

In my art, I strive to illuminate the hidden forces at play in our natural world. In every piece I create, I seek to construct a mirror, not just to reflect, but to magnify the splendor of these natural truths. I fuse time-honored ceramics techniques like wheel throwing and hand-building with revolutionary 3D ceramic printing and design.

Every Fourier Ceramics piece is born in my Malibu studio, infused with a sense of place. I incorporate local elements like Malibu beach sand, iron, and rocks, along with found and recycled materials such as seaglass, gemstones, metal, and wood ash.

Join me at Fourier Ceramics in exploring the universe through ceramic art, where every form reveals its truth.

David Allison, Fourier Ceramics


3d ceramic printed goblets, hand glazed, shown with obsidian wheelthrown plate with embedded waveform design in indigo spark.

* Functional pieces (plates, goblets, cups, etc) I make are dinnerware safe (including dishwasher, oven and microwave use). For decorative items, if you intend to store food or liquid in it, check with me and I’ll give you my best assessment, including practical ways to test for food safety in any ceramic item.